The first phase of my artistic career is influenced by Impressionism, as a representation, there are many landscapes painted in nature, where Light and color prevail.

Even though there is also some abstract and figurative picture;  the hallmark in all of them is the vividness of color and clarity.

They are pictures without sorrow, full of joy and vitality where the love for life and nature is reflected: another of my careers: the Biological Sciences.

In recent times the orientation that my work is taking is parallel to the study of kabbalah.

In it I put the names of God in Hebrew that give a meaning to the subject: Prosperity, the attraction of love, unconditional love, the soul mate, overcoming fear, health…

And so, up to 72 sacred names can conform it. The road is open. I meditate and then I paint, like a channel of Light. I want my work to move, serene, guide and transform. I ask that my hands can be the tool to capture the best ideas and make known the millennial knowledge of Kabbalah.

My work is not purely aesthetic. It has the purpose of elevating the spirit, of being able to meditate with it and thus changing the life of the one who looks at it.

More information at: www.lydiakabala.com